Manganese Ore

Manganese is an essential element used in the manufacturing of steel. 94% of the global manganese ore production is used in the manufacture of Manganese alloys & remaining for the production of Manganese metal. Manganese is an essential & non-substitutable input to steel making due to its alloying properties which improve toughness and hardness. Moreover, addition of Manganese to the steel prevents its oxidation & helps remove sulfur from steel. Manganese ore, which we offer, is of South American/Australian/Indian or African origin.
Applications: As an alloying element in manufacture of steel, manufacture of Low/Medium/High carbon Ferro Manganese, which is used as a raw material in steel industries. Manganese Oxide, produced from Manganese ore is used as a pigment in glass industry, manufacture of dry cell batteries and also as an ingredient in animal feed.

Composition:  Mn: 35-50% (as per customer requirement)
: 1 Ton big bags
Supply Ability:   4000MT/month
Sizing:  Briquettes/lumpy/fines

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