Carbon Raiser

Carbon raiser/ carbon additive is also known as gas calcined anthracite coal (GCA) or calcined anthracite coal. The main raw material used to make Carbon raiser is unique high quality anthracite, with characteristics of low ash and low sulfur. Carbon raiser has two main uses, as a fuel or as an additive. When being used as a carbon additive in Steel smelting or casting, fixed carbon above 95% can be achieved. It has been widely used in different industries like metallurgy, chemistry, electricity etc. The selection of carbon content is determined by quality requirements of the steel or ferroalloy production, as well as the cost effectiveness & availability of carbon products. It’s calorific value may reach 9386Kcal/Kg.

Appearance:  Black granules
:  1-5mm, 1-4mm, 0.5-3mm, 1-3mm at customer’s option
:  25 or 50Kg bags or 1 Ton big bags or 1150Kg big bags
Supply Ability: 4000MT/month

Chemical Composition: Carbon raiser is available in the following different chemical composition depending on the customer requirements.

GradeF.C. (%min.)Ash (%max)V.M. (%max)S (%max)Moisture (% max)

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